Monday, February 23, 2009

No, Don't tell me print is dead, and let me tell you why...

1.     Introduction of self and practice
I.      My work as an extension of my thoughts/emotions
II.    How I came to be where I am in my work
III.  My artistic practice as a form of Journaling
2.     Understanding the concerns in my work and the tools I use
I.      My choice in mediums, a vast diversity
II.    Research; used as knowledge and history
III.  How the history is important to me
IV.   Quote from Horace that’s deeply affected me
V.     The power of words along side the evolution of my work
3.     A self-reflection.
I.      How I think of my work
II.    Why it functions for me the way that it does
III.  Personal and formal concerns within my work
IV.   Influences
4.     The importance of ideation
I.      The significance of documentation, history and what everyone forgets
II.    How I feel my practice works for me and why it doesn’t suit others
III.  Reading and writing are good.
IV.   No, don’t tell me print is dead and let me tell you why…
5.     Conclusion and my place           
I.      Why my work, as a form of journaling, works for me. How I use it to gain a better understanding of my self
II.    Where I want all this to take me

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

These are my current thoughts.